10 Tips for Choosing your Perfect Bed Sheets

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March 16, 2021
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When you enter the home after a stressful and tiring day, the first thing that you have to do is relax. The best way of doing this is to lie on your bed sheets as you watch TV or talk to your spouse. If your sheets set are not comfortable, then it may be an issue as you will be staying there for some time. A lot of days and hours will be spent on the sheet sets. So, the double bed sheets have to be soft and comfortable. 

The question that may arise is how to choose the perfect bed sheets? So, some things should be considered while getting the sheet sets. Besides the comfort of the double bed sheets, you have to make sure that they match your room’s interior. 

We will give you some tips that will allow you to choose your sheets set for the bedroom and ensure maximum comfort as you sleep or rest on your sheet sets

  1. Thread Count 

You would have heard about thread count that higher thread count means more comfortable bed sheets. A few people would tell you that higher thread count does not always mean your sheet sets are soft because the manufacturers might alter them by increasing the silicone softeners, which would disappear after you wash your double bed sheets. So, the most comfortable double bed sheets are the ones that are made of 100% cotton rather than 1000 thread count. Polyester or percale is the best option, but Egyptian cotton, combed cotton, or Pima cotton are also excellent choices if you find an affordable option from Mattress Offers. 

  1. Percale or Sateen 

As we talked about percale, so that you might ask, is percale better or satin? To be honest, this depends on your taste. Percale is a matte weave and plain, having a relaxed feel to it, so it is suitable for people who get overheated during sleep. Sateen is lustrous and soft, having a smooth finish just like satin. So, you can touch and feel the fabric to see which one will be better for you. 

  1. Deciding the materials

The material that you will choose for the sheet sets depends on your taste. If you are looking for something light, you can get the cotton poplin. Cotton can be selected because it is breathable and soft, and it will keep you cool during hot weather and warm during cold weather. You may use cotton polyester bed sheets that are wrinkle-free and reasonable, but they will not be as cool as the cotton sheets sets. Linen double bed sheets are also popular during summers as it has a natural cooling effect as well as absorbs the heat. Choosing high-quality linen will make it softer after some washes, and it is also wrinkle-free. 

  1. Be careful with the Egyptian cotton bed sheets. 

Egyptian cotton is a luxurious material for double bed sheets. Although, care must be taken as all Egyptian cotton is not natural. Few manufacturers found a shortcut to grow Egyptian cotton. They grow it outside of the natural habitat, which results in its lower quality. They keep the price high despite the low-quality of Egyptian cotton. So, you should be careful. 

  1. Get the perfect fit

It is essential to get a perfect size and fit for the bed sheets. If you miss this, you may buy bed sheets that are smaller or bigger than the mattress. If the mattress has a size of 38 x 75 inches, double bed sheets will be adequate. For the mattress of 38 x 80 inches, Twin XL Sheet sets; and for 53 x 75 inches, Full double double bed sheets would do

  1. Select plains or prints  

After telling you the basics of sheets set, we will move to the sheet sets’ aesthetics. You will have to choose if you need plains or prints. Plain sheet sets go well with printed pillows, throws, and blankets, or if you are focusing on color blocking. Printed bed sheets will look good as well. If you want prints, then find the ones that will suit the taste. 

  1. Coordinate it with your bedding

It is important to coordinate. Look around the bedroom and decide your style as well as the colors that are used in your décor. Coordinate your bed sheets with the fabrics and headboard on the bed. You might not choose to get the coordinated look but being coordinated helps you pull the look together.  

  1. Seasonal sheets 

If you are someone who changes the sheets sets all the time, and according to the occasion, then this applies to you. The number of double bed sheets that you need is dependent on your preference, but it is good to get the sheets set that will look good throughout the year.  

  1. Add some bedding accessories.

You will have to invest in your sheets sets. Sometimes, you can get plain sheets set and add accessories such as the throw, comforters, decorative pillow, etc. Get some affordable but trendy pillow covers to add life to your bed sheets. 

  1. Care is essential 

Regardless of the sheet sets chosen by you, it is essential to take care of them to last for some time. Using the softeners will eat your fabric and will damage it. If you wash them in hot water and dry them for a longer time, the threads will break faster. 

After reading these tips, you can make a better decision of choosing. After you get high-quality sheets sets you will never settle for less. Make sure you choose the best designs for your double bed sheets only from Mattress Offers and be worry free with some amazing payment Methods. Combine the appeal with comfort to get the perfect bed sheet for your bedroom. 

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