How To Choose the Perfect Mattress from online in Australia

All You Need To Know About a Latex Mattress
January 31, 2016

Trying hard to get the best mattress from us? Don’t worry, we will help you out to choose the right mattress for your precious sleep with the best size, best material and an ideal padding surface! Feel free to explore our cheap mattresses and let us give you some tips to find out a good night’s sleep for your life! 

Isn’t it surprising that we spend one-third of our life sleeping! It’s a fact and we don’t even know how life moves in throughout those zizz hours we spend diving deep in sweet dreams. But that’s important and throughout these hours, you must get absolute comfort that you deserve after a long and tiresome day! A mattress on which you sleep is related to this whole one-third of life and you must ensure yourself with soothing sleep every night. Mattress gets old by time and if you are trying hard to go deep in drowsiness or feel any kind of interruption during slumber, this could be a sign that it needs a replacement! Before going to have a new mattress to taste a better sleep life, we got you here with some points that you might want to consider! 

Choose the Right Size: 

Choosing the right size isn’t familiar unless you are planning to have a whole new bed. Size comes first when you are choosing a mattress and we stock all standard Australian bed sizes like king mattress, queen mattress, king single mattress, double mattress and single mattress. Choose the right size of bed frame after measuring your bedroom dimensions and opt-out the right size according to the same. 

Choose the right Material: 

The most important thing to consider is the type of material. A good night’s sleep is related to comfort and comfort is relatively the same to a mattress! Choosing the right mattress is all about observing the mattress you used until now and exploring some other types. Latex, Memory foam, Pocket Spring and Open Coil are the major types we have got to offer in each size, and it all depends on personal preferences to find out which is the ideal for your sleep! 

  • Latex: Latex mattress in both natural latex and synthetic latex. We have both the types of latex mattresses are responsive and contain great bounciness. But as natural latex is eco-friendly, it’s severe in price and to the contrary, synthetic latex isn’t expensive but isn’t eco-friendly to a healthier sleep! If you have used a latex mattress before, you may get the point. Latex is one of the everlasting mattresses and is fabulous to sleep especially, one doesn’t reckon on a budget! 
  • Memory FoamPerhaps one of the best-selling mattresses, which is currently used in numerous beds for its budget-friendly price plus soft materials. Memory foam was firstly introduced in the 1960s by NASA and is constantly popular since then as the most preferred bed. If you are a back or side sleeper, choosing a memory foam mattress is the best for your sleep, which contours to the body in the best alignment that helps to reduce pain while you wake up. Also, memory foam is ideal for those with having back and joint pain with its forming ability to ease up the pressure on the back and joint parts. Our cool gel memory foam mattresses from Giselle bedding are ideal for soothing sleep night after night. Explore our memory foam mattress that you will love to discover in each size like king mattress, queen mattress, king single mattress and double mattress.     
  • Pocket Spring: Would you like to have a springy feeling in your bed? A pocket spring mattress with individual pocket springs embedded in each fabric pocket is one of the best sleeping mattresses one could ever get. It’s like a bouncy feeling than a sinking one and you will love to taste the comfort it offers with its springy attributes because of different levels of individual springs at different points that are all related to reducing pain and soothing back and joints. Getting a pocket spring is great but it isn’t really durable like latex and memory foam is. 

Choose the Comfort Layer: 

Padding surface is what you add an extra layer of comfort to your mattress. Adding a padding surface over a mattress is all about having a cushioning that could be made of anything but memory foam, latex, linen fabric, spring foam and several other types of foam materials. A padded surface not only offers extra comfort to your sleep but it also improves the durability of a mattress. From pillowtop to euro top, check out different types of padding mattresses you will explore at HR Sports. 

  • Pillow Top: Pillowtop is one of the commonly used paddings that looks like a pillow on a mattress. Best for side sleepers, pillow tops relieve pain and aches. You will discover pillow-top mattresses across different types of materials types like latex, memory foam and pocket spring. A good night’s rest is more comforting with every pillow top mattress, regardless of what type of mattress you choose. 
  • Euro Top: Similarly to the pillow top padding, euro top is also a soft feeling surface over a mattress. Euro top is sewn flat with the edges of a mattress that makes it differ from the pillowtop surface, which we see to be sewn over the top of a mattress. As both are relatively the same in terms of features and also comfort level, they differ from each other with their appearances. Also, euro top has been considered as more durable because of the high density of foam materials.
  • Tight Top: Tight top does not contain any padding but it does have a flat surface which names it as a firm mattress. However, tight top mattresses are also soft like pillowtop and euro top, it doesn’t have anything to do with softness. Containing the same flexibility as other paddings, a tight top mattress is the best one could ever get if don’t want to feel the extra layer of comfort over a mattress!  

The three Cs are what most important and need to look out before buying a mattress on your own. Memory foam is best-selling and most popular for its good pressure point execution and soft and durable materials. As we suggest all our buyers to get a memory foam with any padding surface they prefer to have superior comfort, we pledge for its high-end quality and lasting durability for years of comfy rest and soothing sleep each and every night. Honoured as one of the most trusted Afterpay stores in the country, HR sports only concerned with selling a good night’s sleep delivering soothing mattresses at every corner across Australia. Sweetest dreams! 


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