All You Need To Know About a Latex Mattress

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January 29, 2016
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It’s pretty confusing sometimes, to choose the right mattress material for your good night’s sleep. Oftentimes we stuck in perplexity while choosing between latex, memory foam and spring mattresses. Although all the materials offer a standard sleeping experience, it depends on the person that by which he feels comfortable and of course there are benefits and drawbacks of a mattress by which you choose the right mattress. Among all mattress types, Latex is one of the oldest and natural mattresses and contains some excellent features that you may like to obtain for your bed. 

Latex mattresses are historic, which are in the market for almost 70 years. Before you get to the latex, you must understand that there are various kinds of latex mattresses available in the market that you could choose from. Basically, there are two main versions, natural latex and synthetic latex. But in extension, there are latex mattresses that have been made using Talalay and Dunlop process. 

  • Natural Latex: Natural latex is considered as the craft of natural materials of rubber trees which is used mode foam layers of a mattress. 
  • Synthetic Latex: Synthetic latex is considered artificial rubber and used to form synthetic latex mattress.

Between natural latex and synthetic latex, pure-natural latex is highly durable and long-lived than the synthetic version. In between both the elements or a composite of both, there are two main approaches by which a latex mattress is designed.    

The most important thing you should consider about a latex mattress is that how you feel sleeping on it. Basically, a natural latex mattress will be bouncing more which will push you back, hindering you from tilting in feeling. However, a synthetic latex mattress will less bounce than the natural version. Also, latex mattresses are regarded as a cooling mattress that has the layer to prevent heat retention. 

Reasons to buy a Latex Mattress: 

  1. Eco-Friendly: Natural latex is considered as eco-friendly as it’s what construction of endurable rubber trees allows you a natural sleeping experience. However, while buying a natural latex mattress, you must check out all the features ensuring its total natural ingredients with no synthetic materials. Also, make sure with synthetic materials, a latex mattress is not eco-friendly at all. Only a 100% natural latex mattress could allow eco-friendly sleep. 
  • Pain Reliever: For those who suffer back pain and joint pain, a latex mattress will work as a pain reliever. So this is clear for them to choose latex over any other material because of its relaxing and cushioning features. Also, if you are having back pain or joint pain with your current mattress, latex is a good choice to turnabout. Get a natural latex mattress and make sure you are never having back or joint pain while having slept on it. 
  • Outstanding Comfort: One of the substantial reason to opt-out latex mattress is it’s extremely comfortable. You feel maximum comfort as you lie down and get bounced back after getting the sinking in feeling. It feels the supportive sensation of latex due to the springiness of natural latex materials. With having a latex mattress, make sure you feel more comfortable than any other type of mattress. 
  • Sturdy and Durable: Among all mattress types, a latex mattress is considerably sturdy and durable. Natural latex mattresses survive more than any other mattress material because of their original rubber tree ingredients. One of the reasons to buy a latex mattress is that it’s the highly durable and sturdier mattress you can ever get for your bed. 
  • Ultimate Firmness: A latex mattress is usually firmer than any other mattress material. However, it depends on the type of latex mattress you are buying. But whether it’s natural or synthetic, a latex mattress has considered being containing extreme firmness than a normal foam mattress. 

Drawbacks of a Latex Mattress: 

  • Too Expensive: There are so many reasons to opt out of a latex mattress for your great night’s sleep but one serious concern that may lead you to stop purchasing it is an extravagant price. Maybe it’s because of its sturdiness and long-lasting durability. Additionally, the performance of a latex mattress is what you feel most comfortable and soothing sleep nights and your body is getting the perfect health support that you deserve. Also, with a latex mattress, make sure you are getting a pure sterile sleeping experience. Not considering pricing a drawback, one must compare its durability which is more survival than a normal spring mattress. 

There are multiple benefits of a latex mattress against only one drawback. If you are more concerned with environment-friendly sleep and especially, if you are a person with back or joint pain then a latex mattress could be the only ideal choice for you. Whether it’s natural or synthetic latex or it’s made out of Talalay or Dunlop process, all the thing matters, at last, is comfortable sleep and without any doubt, a latex mattress will provide you with the ultimate sleeping experience.

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