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People spend more time on their bed than on any other sort of furniture in the house. It is a birthplace for comfort and relief. A goodnight’s sleep is essential for health; it gives a refreshing and energizing effect. This is the reason one should invest in the right mattress; there should be no compromise on the quality when it comes to a comfortable sleep. Now the point is where and how to find the right mattress when there are so many available in the market claiming afterpay mattress to be the best. Well, the answer is to go for a double mattress rather than a single-sided mattress.

Why a double mattress?

Years back, most of the innerspring mattresses were double-sided, where you can flip the mattress on either side, you would get the same volume and comfort, but this has changed after 2006. Most of the manufacturers of mattresses started producing single-sided mattresses with one-sided padded, ever since one-sided mattresses are available in the market with Afterpay mattresses!

Where did the double mattress size go?

Ever since the manufacturer of one-sided increased the federal regulation of mattress manufacturing companies also increased. The manufacturer of double bed mattress decreased their production and switched to single-sided padded mattresses. This made them earn more profit margin as there was only one padded needed instead of two. Normally the cost required for a single-sided mattress is less than a double-sided mattress, this is the reason the quality is not up to the mark, and they have a small life. This meant the consumers were forced to buy new mattresses within no time because the lifespan of a single-sided mattress was very little.

If you are still hunting for the double mattress at best and at an affordable price then this is a must-read for you. We have mentioned the reasons why double bed mattress are a smart investment and why to invest in them.

The double mattress has a longer life:

Double Bed Mattress

The reason why a double bed mattress is longer is due to its ‘flip’ feature. Flipping the mattress regularly expands its life longer. While flipping the padding on the other side gets time to relax and recover, this expands the life of the mattress naturally. When you rotate the tires of your car, it expands the life and makes it run faster; this is exactly how it works with the double mattress

Less money with more life:

The double mattress is almost of the same price as a single-sided mattress; the difference is of a small fraction. However, the life of these double bed mattress is longer, so in this case, you are in a win-win. The price is worth the investment. You pay once and then no need for replacements.

 Less buck more value

Adding to the point mentioned above, a double mattress gives more value and less price. That means you will get extra support, extra life, and extra comfort all at the same price. There is no need to pay extra for the extra service. The double mattress will last longer and won’t need replacement sooner compared to single-sided mattresses.

Top-notch Quality Material

Double Bed Mattress

Many national and local manufacturers use low-quality material in the production of the double bed mattress, so the problem comes in here, how to find the authentic manufacturers? Well, ‘Royal bedding’ is one of the finest and trustworthy manufacturers; they are in the business for years and have made loyal customers. They offer experienced craftsmanship and use top-notch quality material and pads in the mattress.

 Safe fire code regulations:

Safety is the top priority in any household. The fire regulation can be an issue in the double mattress; this means a thorough inspection is required for these mattresses. Only Royal bedding gives the surety for safety. The safety procedures Afterpay mattresses are followed strictly in the making and are tested for any sort of fire regulation after production as well.

 Equal and comfortable weight distribution:

Usually, a one-sided mattress has one thick padded side which leaves the body impression on them after some time; this makes the body stiff and uncomfortable while sleeping. The muscles don’t get enough space to relax, but this is different in a double bed mattress. The lower side of the mattress gets enough time to recover while sleeping on the top side; this fits the bodyweight with the mattress equally.

Comfort is not compromised:

Double Mattress

Double mattresses can be flipped so the other side of the mattress recovers and bounces back to its original shape. This ensures the level of comfort which won’t compromise either side of the mattress. It is highly recommended to change the sides of the mattress on a regular basis to enhance the life of your double mattress size.

Flip it when needed

Flipping the two-sided mattress is completely a choice. But it is great to change it once in three months. Anything less than that will be perfect as well. There is no particular time for flipping. It’s up to you, when you feel the mattress is getting softened from one side, change the side it will get back to its original position.

 Eco-friendly materials:

More importance is given to the eco-friendly material used in the making of a two-sided mattress. No harmful toxic chemicals are used to assure safety. Some of the companies emphasize more the environmental aspect of the production. These double mattress sizes will last longer than one-sided mattresses, which means they will take longer to go to the landfill.

Variety of material options:

The double mattress ranges from latex, polyurethane foam, and hybrid mattresses. These materials are used in making offspring two sided mattresses. Only a few mattress companies allow you to choose the material of your choice. The list of material depends upon the price and comfort of the consumer.

There are a number of double mattress size manufacturers in the county, but only a few provide direct factory-made mattresses delivered to your doorstep. We are one of them, if you are willing to invest your hard-earned money in the long-lasting mattress then contact us. 

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