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Air track

Air tracks are inflatable landing surfaces or tumbling beds for aerobatics, team promoters and parkour lovers. Standard grade air tracks, similar to our own at  HR sports, give you the protected and consistent arrival of an expert spring floor in a versatile, lightweight structure that is speedy and simple to set up in shared scenes and homes.


Air track

From experts to novices, gymnasts to team promoters, air tracks are utilized in a  variety of sports for delicate, very much planted arrivals and prominence filled departures.


Air tracks are lightweight and convenient so they can be moved around as required and utilized at home or the rec center. Air tracks make a low effect landing surface that can lessen the opportunity of wounds. Air tracks give extraordinary bobs that can improve tallness. Air tracks permit gymnasts to rehearse moves, over and over, to construct their certainty and master new abilities..


Air track

Air tracks arrive in a scope of lengths, thicknesses and widths to suit distinctive donning needs.


Air tracks come in an assortment of sizes but always remember the thicker the “ bouncier”. The most common sizes are 13,8 and 4 inches. You should choose according to your environment, the place you are going to be utilizing your air track. 

4 inches are suitable for you if you are going to utilize it in a training center or in a park as they give you the space to  reiterate, prepare and practice.

8 inches can be more bouncier than 4 inch one as mentioned earlier the thicker the bouncier. These air tracks can be really friendly in the event that you decide to use it for flipping, bouncing and tumbling practice.

13 inches air tracks are all over the place these days, owing to their bounce and their common usage by experts for tumbling training and in professional centers of any  Fitness Equipment!


Length can be a very crucial factor if you are striving hard to get better on tumbling and other tricks. It depends on the intensity of your training, specialists advice is to increase the length gradually as your training increases. 

Price and Quality 

In conclusion, cost and quality. It’s your duty as a shopper to investigate each maker, affiliate, and online business webpage. Locals like wholesale can appear to be engaging given their Fitness Equipment costs yet air items are sensitive items that require quality material and quality craftsmanship.


Air track

What are air tracks made of? 

At HR sports , our air tracks are made of high-grade PVC giving a delicate, non-slip, strong surface that is not difficult to clean. The body of the Air Track is supported 0.2mm drop line twofold divider texture (DWF), brush wrapped up. The DWF surface is made of 2 layers of covered texture associated with one another by a great many little strings of Fitness Equipment!

Could air tracks head outside? 

Air tracks are ideal for indoor and outside use.  Just make sure that you utilize your air track on a smooth level surface when outside. Experts prescribe on the off chance that you decide to utilize your Air Track outside that you ensure the surface is clear of any sharp items. We exhort that a groundsheet is utilized. 

How would you swell an air track? 

Air tracks can be handily swelled utilizing a foot or electric siphon contingent upon your financial plan. Clients ought to know that some bedding and setting up camp electric siphons are not amazing enough to swell Air Tracks to the right pressing factor. 

Do air tracks pop without any problem? 

In the event that you pick a main air track supplier with quality items, air tracks shouldn’t pop without any problem. Business standard air tracks like the ones at All HR sports  are made with great materials that give a skip back, low effect landing surface that is made to last. 

How might you fix air tracks? 

Likewise with most inflatable items, Air tracks can be handily fixed utilizing a fixing unit and glue

How much does an air track cost? 

Is an air track cheap? Buy the best air tracks from HR Sports Now. Air tracks are fairly priced at HR Sports. But if your pocket still doesn’t allow you to buy one then you could avail our Afterpay air track which permits you to buy now but pay later!

Get your hands on our air track  Fitness Equipment now !

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