Importance of Bed Ensemble Bases

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Bed Ensemble Bases along with the mattress is important for your health. A suitable mattress and Bed Ensemble Base can make a perfect combination to enhance the comfort and quality of sleep whereas a Bed Ensemble Base may cause health problems and fatigue. So, you must think wisely before choosing one for you.

Types of Bed Ensemble Bases

bed ensemble base

There are numerous options you can consider. Here are the most common ones. Have a look and choose your type.

Adjustable Bed Ensemble Base

Adjustable Bed Ensemble Base is the one that allows you to lift any part of your bed so that you can customize it according to your needs. Similar to a hospital Queen bed frame, it can help you deal with a lot of health issues. It can keep you healthy and sound and provide you relief from pain and digestion problems as well. You can easily adjust the position of the Bed Ensemble Base by lifting the upper part in case of neck ache or lower part just as you wish. 

So, if you are the one who struggles with pain and fatigue because of irregular sleeping positions, you must consider this option.

Wooden Bed Ensemble Bases

Mattress Discount has a vast range of Queen bed frames that have wooden bases and their cost is low as compared to other beds. There are two types of it

-standard and sprung 

Standard wooden bases are the type of double bed frames that comprise flat wooden pieces. They provide essential support that your body needs and has a good ventilation mechanism. 

On the other hand, the sprung bases consist of curved and flexible wooden bases. It provides you the advantage of adjusting it according to your choices. It can also make itself compatible with the mattresses of different firmness.

Ensemble Bed Ensemble Bases

According to the needs of people, there are two different types of ensemble Queen bed frames. The sprung ensemble bases have a top-most layer of springs that provide support and act as a shock absorber. The springs present in its structure help to distribute the weight of the person.


Whereas the other type, platform ensemble base doesn’t have such springs instead they are flat surfaces that give the support and firmness that you need.

Ensemble bases help you to prevent sleeping issues and provide you a comfortable sleeping position.

It helps in lessening sleeping problems by providing the user’s body a better shape.

Futon and platform Bed Ensemble Bases 

Futon beds are the best if you want to save space as they can be folded and stored if you want to free the space and later on you can easily reset it as your bed when you need it. You can also add the fluffy pillows, blankets as per your choice on them. They are ideal for those who sleep on their sides.

Platform bases the simplest and elegant type of bases as they contain just a wooden frame and you can add the mattress of your choice. It is also the most cost-effective option.

Why you need a base

bed ensemble base

Some people don’t use Queen bed frames for some reason, they just use a simple mattress and lay it down on the floor. Well, if you are looking for something as a temporary living, then you may consider it but on a permanent basis, it is worth investing in double bed frames.

Provides you support

The most important reason for buying a Bed Ensemble Base is to provide your body the support it needs. The frames provide firmness to the mattress and also helps to improve your sleeping position and hence you can have a good sleep away from discomfort. It also makes the room look more elegant as it looks visually appealing.

Mattress can never support your body the way a Bed Ensemble Base can!

 Helps in storage

Another advantage of having double bed frames is that it can give you a storage place. Underneath the Bed Ensemble Base, there is an empty space that can be used efficiently to store anything you want. You can put the boxes, cartoons having your household items, art supplies, shoes, or anything you want to put in it. These boxes may look awkward if they aren’t hidden. But the place under the Bed Ensemble Base can serve as a tricky way to hide them.

Elevates the mattress

When you use double bed frames your mattress gets elevated which provides it better aeration and ventilation which it needs. Meanwhile, if you lay your mattress on the floor then it may catch air and doesn’t allow the air to pass through hence you need the Bed Ensemble Base to let the airflow easily from your mattress.

Away from insects

A mattress lying on the floor may catch moisture in it and hence it can lead to the growth of bacteria, mildews or serve as a shelter for insects and you won’t have any idea of it. Eventually, the mattress will be of no use and your money is going to be wasted. A Bed Ensemble Base avoids the chance of these risks as it provides elevation and aeration necessary for your mattress.

Enhances the beauty

Double bed frames add to the beauty of your room as the bed looks elegant and attractive which would not be possible without a proper Bed Ensemble Base. A mattress alone may destroy the look of your room whereas a Double bed frame gives it an aesthetic view. 

How to buy the frame best for you?

Solid foundation

A Bed Ensemble Base should have the capacity to support your mattress and you. So, it must be rigid enough that it doesn’t break with a heavyweight.

Your Bed Routine

Understand your and your partner’s bed routine. If you read books at night, you might need adjustable double bed frames. Do you prefer soft beds? Ask yourself these questions to make a wise decision.

Provides ventilation

The Queen bed frame you choose must have a better aeration system as it greatly enhances durability and allows you to have a safe and comfortable sleep.


Keep the size of the place in your mind so that your entire room couldn’t have only a Queen bed frame hence choose the right size.

Tallness of frame

The height of the double bed frames matters especially for elderly people, children, or pregnant women as a lower frame helps you get in and out easily.

Compatible with mattress

Your Bed Ensemble Base must be compatible with the mattress you use. As there are some Queen bed frames that require a specific type of mattress so you should check that to prevent any problem later. Buy your Favourite Bed Ensemble Base now and pay later with Zippay or any other payment method only at Mattress Discount. Mattress Discount has great quality with the finest material.

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