Things You Should Know Before Buying A Yoga Mat

October 27, 2020
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November 24, 2020

So you’ve agreed to join the 21 million adults who practice yoga, Or maybe you had your mat with it, and you were searching for a new one.

We got some information into what one should know before purchasing a yoga mat, after meeting a few yoga instructors. Here are a couple of tips:

Is there something worse than slipping around while attempting to take deep breaths in the downward dog on your yoga mat? Hey, nope. So, when you shop for a pad, test the grip. Do your palms slide around? For dear life, are you sticking to your mat? If so, maybe it’s not a mat for you. But if you end up with a slippery mat, there are a few tips from yoga teacher Yanoula Athanassakis.

“One technique I use with new mats that slip is chalk, or I roll them outside on concrete to really get rid of the untouched mat’s slippery surface,” she said.

If you’re new to yoga, make sure there’s enough padding on your mat

Developing up your strength takes some time when you’re just starting out — so make sure your mat is there to support you out along the way. “It is essential for brand new yogis to have a more comfortable mat that can develop joint and muscle strength slowly and help prevent injury,” said Athanassakis. “For a period of time, I used a flimsy mat and my wrist really troubled me with reversals.”

Padding is fantastic and all, just make sure you don’t give your sunny greetings to a giant piece of foam. The really foamy mats are more about gym work or napping, “stated Athanassakis.”


You have a lot of standing poses, arm balances, and downward dogs on your mat to lay, stretch, and do. You may be hampered by a slippery mat or even affected by it. A good sticky mat will allow you to feel more comfortable in your practice and keep you safe

Don’t Hesitate to Shell out Extra for a Good Mat

Say that you’re coming across a mat that you like. It’s a Manduka, however, and the cost makes you hesitate. Look! Listen to me out! If you have got the money, buy it. If you are short of cash or if the funds you have at the moment are intended for another reason, just forget the good alternative. I know that you can catch a decent Lululemon or Manduka for around $60, according to my observations and experience. But there are reasonably decent unbranded ones that are much easier to go for.

Check materials

Usually, a home gym is constructed out of a variety of materials. Natural rubber, synthetic rubber, plastic, or any other plant items are made of mats. As this will help maintain you grounded in good energy, I suggest you select a mat made from natural materials. Manduka ProLite is made from synthetic rubber, so it ensures that your entire life will last for you. This brand has other biodegradable models as well.


Lightness and thinness are entirely different. You can purchase a hard, thin mat and a soft, thick mat at the same time. To maintain your stability and balance, a good mat should be thin enough, but thick enough to give you a little bit of cozy padding.  Are you going to need the exact thickness here? Well, 1/8 inch is my suggestion. The final decision is up to you, however.

Bear in mind about toxins.

Some home gyms are full of PVCs, a toxic plastic that includes carcinogens. So, opt for a PVC-free mat while shopping.

Suzanne Bryant-Cunha, a San Francisco-based yoga teacher who made the series “YOGA IS,” said: “This mat is something you’d like to spend some time with.” “Natural goods you want to wear. Natural rubber feels so much better.”

Keep it light

Who wants to drag a heavy mat around all day, as necessary as padding is? According to PopSugar, opt for the eKO Lite Pad, which retails at $52 and weighs 3.5 pounds, for a good combination of thickness and lightness.

Don’t be scared to spend a few extra bucks 

‘t get us wrong: we’re all about money-saving. But a yoga mat of good quality is worth the splurge. “Avoid cheap mats,” said Athanassakis.

“At first, you might believe you’re saving a buck, but you’re going to wear it out quickly, it’s harmful to the environment, and inexpensive mats are usually too flimsy and thin.”

“In terms of price for durability, you can trust Manduka,” New York-based teacher Elena Brower adds. “Such mats last forever.”

Read Reviews

If you go for a near web encounter, you won’t find a Herculean task to get yoga mat feedback. After using the goods, people write reviews. Even if they’re not using it, they do the most research to collect the data. So, finding reviews never hurt. You can gather more data from it regarding several home gyms as well. If you don’t think you can find decent feedback for a yoga mat, check out the best yoga mats. You will get precise details about the top ten yoga mats there.

Pick a mat that’s fun

Your excitement will wane over time (and this happens to everyone), and an interesting mat that represents your personality may help keep you motivated to regularly practise.

Like with many of life’s practical instruments, if your mat is nice to look at, you will appreciate it more. If you’re more likely to go to yoga with a brightly-colored or patterned mat, make it happen.

I’m going for a nice color, “said Bryant-Cunha.” “Jade home gyms come in a selection of lovely colors.”

Don’t you think it has been easier to pick a yoga mat?

Before purchasing a home gym, I have provided you seven points you should know. I’m not going to think you need another guide as I tried my best to touch on all aspects.

Who’s about to go shopping for home gyms?

Hopefully, we have covered all the information required for you to choose the best one for you.

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